Paceball is aimed at all three key stages from year 1 to year 11,with the skill sets changing as you progress through the ages.

We would like to offer you and your school a taster day for Paceball. A taster day involves us coming into school and giving the pupils and staff an introduction to the game. We provide a fully qualified, experienced coach with a full DBS to give you a days session.

The day would be split into sessions to suit the number of classes you wanted to get through. At larger schools we suggest the game is played by key stage 2 pupils, though if you wish we can involve key stage 1 pupils too. At infant schools or smaller schools it may be easier for you to get years 1-6 through in a day. We ask you to design your own timetable for our visit though we are here to plan your day around your breaks if you prefer us to. Much larger schools may prefer to split into two taster days or be selective with their year groups.

The day will give you an insight into the game, allowing your pupils to try the game and giving your staff the chance to learn about the game and how it works. We get feedback from the pupils and staff, once collected we feedback their views to the PE lead and /or Headteacher. The day could be classed as a CPD opportunity for staff, enabling you to use Sports Premium funding for the event.

We would like to think that we have kept the cost of a full taster day to an agreeable and sensible amount which is affordable to schools – we can absolutely guarantee you value for money and are very confident in both our delivery and the satisfaction of the pupils and staff on one of our taster days.



(School sports premium may be used)

All packages are a one-off payment with no ongoing costs

Of course after you have participated in one of our taster days you do not have to have further involvement, which is absolutely fine, we understand not all schools can take things further.

Fortunately at the moment nearly every school we have delivered a taster day to has moved forward with one of our after day packages which has been great news for us at PACEBALL.


BRONZE   6 wks £420 / 12 wks £840

Six or twelve weeks of CPD and further development for pupils... half day – Afternoon or Morning depending on availability. Full use of our unique equipment which we bring with us. Full lesson plans provided. Pupil assessment available.

With the basic package we can also possibly arrange – Pre school clubs, Dinnertime clubs or dependant on availability After School Clubs.....These are usually funded by parents but sometimes schools fund them to involve pupil premium pupils.


SILVER   Package cost £1,250

£100 from the taster day is refunded from the package cost

This package gives you A FULL SET OF OUR UNIQUE EQUIPMENT including targets, circles, cones, 15 specialist Paceballs and bibs. You have full access to 24/7 lesson plans....24/7 access to our helpline if you need anything or are unsure of anything.....plus a licence issued by ourselves for you to play the game within school in sessions taken by your staff.

You can also access a full days CPD each year onward from purchasing the package....this can include an after or pre school


GOLD   Package cost £1,750

This is our most popular package.

£200 from the taster day is refunded from the package cost

You get an extended set of our unique equipment in full – 2 targets, 2 sets of throw down circles (different sizes for different ages) 20 specialist Paceballs, 50 Paceball colour coded bibs allowing large or smaller sided class games, a full set of pink/black Paceball cones for pitch marking.

Full access to lesson plans/rules for year groups 24/7 Access to us 24/7 for any questions or kit issues you may have or need. We give you a licence to play the game within school in sessions ran by your staff.

We also allow a member of your staff to run extra curricular clubs  which can if the school are inclined be a way to bring income into school and indeed pay for the package. As an example we have a school which charged pupils £3 for an after schools club which ran for different key stages for 30 weeks of term time, they averaged 20 pupils a week i.e £60/week...so amassed £1,800 into school which paid for the package in 1 year and made a profit!

You also have access to 1 further full day of CPD in the year provided by one of our lead coaches. Plus one of our lead coaches will offer you a School Paceball competition day (within the school i.e houses, classes).