Hello my name is Richard Smith,

I would like to welcome you to PACEBALL, the new, exciting, fast ball game for boys and girls of all abilities.

Paceball was created by myself, I have spent 28 years coaching sports and PE in schools, especially primary and had often thought about finding a game/activity that everyone regardless of gender, ability or mobility could play and feel valued for their contribution. This was a challenge but after a few trials and hits and misses with equipment/rules etc PACEBALL was born. There are two of us now who act as equal partners in the business myself and Mr Rob Avins. Paceball its format, rules, equipment and concept are fully trademarked and protected.

PACEBALL is a fast paced INVASION game based on several key skills, including – teamwork, passing, communication and movement. The game is fully trademarked and protected and uses a unique set of equipment. The game is also unique as the pitch is oval shaped, and points can be scored from anywhere within the playing area. 

The game has quite a few rules but is very simple to follow and we also operate a very strict code of discipline within the game in that arguing with the referee, the opposition or team members is not allowed and penalised through penalty awards, this means the game flows better and there are very few stoppages in play, which means it's a great way to improve fitness as you have fun! Paceball can be played indoor and outdoors and numbers can vary. The game is fully adaptable from small indoor spaces to large outdoor spaces. 

We have successfully delivered taster days at lots of schools and we are pleased to say that at the moment over 90% of pupils have been very positive about the game. Teachers, teaching assistants and support staff have loved the game and been extremely positive about the game itself and the delivery of the game.



Meeting the Curriculum

PACEBALL is an invasion game that gives pupils the opportunity to compete in a sport, build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

Pupils are active for a sustained period, they are engaging in competitive sport, and aiding an active life.

Pupils are taught running, throwing, catching in isolation and combination, they play competitive games, modified where appropriate to apply basic principles for attacking/defending.

PACEBALL also encourages self esteem, and teamwork for all who participate



P  articipation for everyone

A  new, fast moving and exciting ball game

C  oncentrates on national curriculum key skills

E  qual opportunity for all players

B  ringing a brand new sport into schools

A  ccessibility for all

L  ets all players develop at their own speed

L  iked by over 90% of pupils, teachers and staff