Teachers Comments


"The rules are very straightforward and the discipline fantastic! Every class member wanted to play on and play again. Everyone was involved in what was a unique, thoroughly enjoyable session."  Chaucer Junior School


“I thought the game was fantastic! It was totally inclusive even for those shy don't throw me the ball pupils and pupils who don't normally contribute to PE."  Ashbrook Juniors


"Very disciplined which was great for our over competitive pupils that aren't allowed to argue, the game was incredibly fast paced and exciting."  Horsley Woodhouse


"Without doubt the best thing we have ever had from an outside provider, amazing coaches, amazing sport and an amazing experience."  PE lead St Johns Primary


“The children in my class loved Paceball, even those reluctant or dis-interested in PE. The speed is great and the strict rules ensure that the children don't challenge the referee, such a fluid exciting game."  Long Row Primary


"We have parents telling us it was the first time their children had been enthused by a sports coach and a PE lesson, a brilliant experience for staff and pupils alike."  Granby Junior



Pupils Comments


"Best game ever, I loved it"

"It made me feel part of things, which usually I don't"

"I hate PE! I Love Paceball!"

"Paceball was so good I want to play again"

"Paceball makes me tired, but that must be good!"

"A very fast game but easy to play, can we do a club in school?"

"Fast, great, everyone played we all loved it....sad we only got one day!"

"I play Football and Rugby, but now Paceball is the best game ever"